60th Capes Trophy 2019

Chingford 1 Team
Chingford 1 won 2nd prize in group A IM Richard Pert, Gavin Haughes, FM David Haydon and Costas Karayiannis
Richard Bates
Receiving the prize for best board one IM. Richard Pert
David Haydon
best board two FM. David Haydon
Brian Spear
Brian Spear receiving the prize for Chingford 2 finishing 2nd in group 2
Robin Oakley
Robin Oakley receiving best board one for Chingford 2
Chingford 1
Richard Bates, David Haydon Costas Karayiannis and Gavin Hughes
Chingford 1
Chingford 1 finished 2nd in group A and best boards 1 and 2
Chingford 2
Robin Oakley, Peter Rose, Brian Spear and Sonil Vasistha
Chingford 2
Chingford 2 finished 2nd in the group B and best board 1

2nd Division Winners 2018

2018 2nd team winners
Brian Spear receiving the cheque for 2nd team winning the B Division (unfortunately the Trophy has been lost!)

3rd Division Winners 2017

2017 3rd Team Winners
3rd Team winners Andrew Alison, John Stevens, Hans Roggeman, John Dawson (team captain) and Robi Neogy

Baum Trophy 2017

2917 Baum Trophy
Baum Trophy winners Gavin Hughes, Robin Oakley, Brian Spear and Manuel Carballo

Baum Trophy 2015

John Keehner (Wanstead2) Brian Spear (Chingford) Mark Murrell (Wanstead2) and Gary Cook (NCCL Secretary)

Finchley Cup 2013

Robert Brown, Costas Karayiannis, Brian Spear and Robin Oakley with Finchley Cup

Finchley Cup and Baum Thophy 2012

David Brady, Jimmy Jiang, Brian Spear and Robert Brown
with Finchley Cup

finchley cup
Brian Spear with Baum Trophy and Finchley Cup

7 November 2012

Club night

Thinking Heads Summer 2011