Chingford Chess Club
where all players are welcome
no matter what their strength

We are a friendly club where you can play for fun or for more serious chess? We also enters three teams in the North Circular League.
The A Division (1st team for the more serious player)
The B Division (2nd team for the moderate player) and
The C Division (3rd team for the fun player)
As well as NCL team matches there are various internal competitions such as the Club Championship and the Tony Wilding Cup and of course friendly games on and off the clock?

Come along and give us a try!
We hope to see you there

For more information contact Brian Spear

Chingford Chess Club

The club meets every Monday evening 7.00 – 11.00
upstairs at The British Legion in one of its private rooms,
and as a member you can buy soft or alcoholic drinks at the bar.


The British Legion
67 Hall Lane
E4 8HW

Chingford Chess Club Est. 1957

How To Get There


Club Closed Monday
on these dates in 2020

13th April 2020
4th May 2020
25th May 2020
31st August 2020